How To Get Your Business Active On Social

By May 7, 2015PR Tips

Social media is a whole lot of fun, no doubt. However it is also a whole lot of trouble if mishandled. Care does need to be taken especially when the account involved is that of a corporate entity, as social posts have a way of affecting the company’s image, especially when they go viral.

Being the good guys that we are, let’s share some basic tips for creating and sharing posts on social media platforms with you.

1.    If your business is a relatively new one, perhaps with not so much in the way of impressive records, you can bank on your boss’ personality/qualification or your staff strength. In the absence of any of these, celebrate great personalities, especially those that are influential in your line of operations.

2.    Carefully map out your select audience; these are the ones you should follow. Once in a while, you can re-echo their opinions especially the relevant ones.

3.    If you want that followership, try a contest with promise of exciting giveaways and see your followers rise. Creative and interesting posts around everyday business are also likely to generate buzz and raise your followership levels.

4.    Every social community lives on conversations. Join in. Engage your followers with relevant thoughts and opinions about subject matters that are related to your business. Like, Repost, Retweet, Comment, Share, do everything but keep mute.

5.    Understand your Target Audience so well and know when they will be active online. That way, your content will get the expected wide reach and impressions.

6.    Hashtag posts related to certain discussions or trending topics. That way, they are traceable and have more impact than loose contents and conversations.

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