Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.26.00 PMThe death of Public Relations has been announced. Born to the Nigerian Railway Corporation and UAC in 1948 in Lagos, PR lived for 66 years and moved extensively around Nigeria before passing away following a protracted digital illness which began sometime in the late 2000’s.

A memorial service of songs was held in its honour today at BlackHouse Media, 32, Community Road, Off Allen Avenue, Lagos. The venue was on of PR’s many locations before its untimely death. Those present at the memorial service included CEO BHM Group Ayeni Adekunle, CEO X3M Ideas Steve Babaeko, CEO CMC Connect Yomi Badejo Okusanya and Funsho Arogundade of PM News amongst other PR and Marketing Communications industry professionals.

Speaking at the sombre event, Yomi Badejo Okusanya enjoined all present not to dwell sorrowfully on the past but to look ahead and create a future which PR will be proud of looking on from heaven. He said, “Sometimes it is good to die because that death gives us an opportunity to resurrect and redefine ourselves and create a new future for PR like a phoenix rising from the wreckage of a damaged industry.”

On his part, Ayeni Adekunle encouraged all PR practitioners to remember the values and skills taught to them by PR during its lifetime and use these to chart a new course for the industry. In his words, “Those of us here who are Christians should know the story of Jesus. He was not murdered and he did not commit suicide. He came for a purpose and that purpose could only be fulfilled by his death. That is how we should see this death – as something that needs to happen for us to fulfill our purpose.”

Following the death of PR, it is expected that a major reorganisation will take place in the PR industry, with PR firms and practitioners carrying out mergers and acquisitions, reinventing themselves as Tech/ICT companies and evolving completely new methods and tools of creating value internally and for clients.

PR is survived by several children and grandchildren, including Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Storytelling, Digital Advertising, Big Data and Big Ideas.

CEO, BlackHouse Media, Ayeni Adekunle, CEO, CMC Connect and Secretary General, APRA, Yomi Badejo Okusanya and CEO, X3M Ideas, Steve Babaeko at the PR is Dead on Tuesday, October 6, 2014 at the BHM Headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos 1

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