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Greetings colleagues. I’d like to share a short story with you

A few years ago, we decided to put together an organization that will be ranked among the best in the world in media and marketing communications. We decided to put together a couple of companies that will deliver excellent value to consumers, clients and all stakeholders. We didn’t have anything. I was a poor reporter with no money or materials; we didn’t have sponsors; we didn’t have godfathers, we had only one thing- Vision.

I knew clearly that if we could put together a team that can work tirelessly with dedication, a team that understands the vision and the necessity in telling our own story from the media perspective. From public relations and advertising perspectives, I was confident that it will only take a few years to build a system that the world would recognize. That is the story that gave birth to NET newspaper. That is the story that gave birth to BlackHouse Media and that’s the story that gave birth to ID Africa.


We have come this far because of the understanding of that vision and I want to thank the men and women that have joined us to work tirelessly to build what we know today as BHM group.


I want to thank those that have worked here at one time or the other, and I want to thank those that still work here and those that would join us from tomorrow to build this global organization. But having said that, we have realized that it’s a long journey and we may be getting tired, so we have set out to re-establish that vision, we have set out to redefine that mission, we have set out to re-energize our tools, and begin to build again for the next couple of years.


We are interested in building a truly global organization; we are passionate about putting in place the changes we think that our system desires; we are keen to be part of the reasons why the world would think that Nigeria is a great place and I’m confident that like never before we have a team of men and women that can make this dream a reality. I’m confident that we have a set of people who hate the word ‘employee’, who are entrepreneurs in their own right.

We have a team of people who are keen to break boundaries. We have a team of people who truly want to change their lives and to make that happen, we must make them understand and key into the vision. We must truly provide the kind of leadership that will make it easy for this to happen.


This is a call to everybody that this is a different time entirely. This is absolutely a different time entirely. Our modus operandi will change; our operations will change; our priorities will change, and I implore everybody to please be a part of this change. We are introducing a new set of initiatives, principally driven by what I call The 3-C Model: Capacity building, Compensation and Convenience for those who work here and for those that are our friends.


I want to encourage you to please pay attention, try and understand the structure we are trying to erect, try and understand what we all need to do to build the organization of our dreams.


I’m sure there will be questions and concerns. We are here to listen, explain and to take back that feedback. The purpose of having this chat with you is to get the feedback that I’m sure will be instrumental to whatever the final decision will be as we begin to build what is going to be tomorrow’s BHM.


I pray as we work together to make BHM go global, we all will find our own ambitions; we all will find our own satisfaction within the context of that goal and we all truly will achieve and be the best that we can be.

Thank you all.

Dayo, ATG, Mayo, Bode, Anita, Femi and Oyinda

BHM Lounge

To end the year, as part of our desire to ensure the comfort and convenience of those who work here or visit us regularly, I’m glad to announce that the BHM Lounge is now open, with full facilities ready to us.

The Lounge will henceforth serve as our in-house bar and canteen.


We have also provided different games, including Chess, Ludo, Dart, Cards, Scrabble, etc for your relaxation. Lounge rules, to be provided by TMM, apply.


Please note that the Lounge, being in the roof, may not have as much headroom as some of us may require. It also has limited capacity, only able to take a maximum of 20 people at a time. I am confident, however, that we will put this facility to best use.


Our nap rooms are also ready.


We have discussed the possibility of having comfort rooms where staff can rest during work hours, or during break time. Two cool rooms within the building have now been provided for this purpose.


Please note that because of the size and number of the rooms, availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis only. All booking details will come from TMM later this week.


I invite everyone to join me for beer and brandy at BHM Lounge from 2PM to 10PM on Tuesday December 23.


Merry Christmas and a fabulous new year ahead!


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