#SwitchOn – Switch The Way You See Transactions…Transactions Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

By September 21, 2015Blog


Relationships and all manners of interactive exchanges between people form the soul of every society. The higher the rate of relationships and productive exchanges, the more prosperous a society becomes economically and culturally. When people say that ‘Africa is rising’, they don’t merely mean that GDP figures are growing or infrastructure is being built or per capita incomes are rising. What they mean is that Africans are interacting with each other at a heightened and accelerating rate, exploring individual and collective strengths.

Transactions are the individual units of economic interactions between us. We once understood transactions as queuing up for half a day at the NEPA office to pay the electricity bill and keep the lights on even though we would be too tired to watch TV with our families after getting home. We understood transactions as having to carry around huge cash sums and endure several inconvenient and time-consuming processes just to execute business and live what was supposed to be a normal life.

We now understand transactions as secure, accessible and easy functions which we can do at the touch of a button on a smartphone screen. We understand transactions as using our banks’ mobile apps to manage our accounts, effect transfers and receive notifications without leaving the comfort of our homes. We understand transactions as taking care of bills and lifestyle expenses without having to get out of bed. We understand transactions as doing what we want, when we want, the way we want and where it suits us. The volume of transactional exchange in Africa is exploding through unseen roofs and the future looks even better.

This future is a future where you can safely and securely carry out instant transactions, however you have decided to define them – whatever the reason – without sacrificing your time and effort. It is a future where you will have more time to do the things you love with the ones you love. It is a future where the old way of thinking about transactions is replaced by experiences built on intuitive exchange.

Transactions at the speed of thought.

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