How To Plan Successful Social Media Contests

By July 2, 2015PR Tips

The past few months have seen corporate brands like MTN, Diamond Bank, Amstel Malta, TECNO and several others flood social media with different campaigns and competitions.

As expected, these campaigns and competitions are intended to announce their new products, reward consumers or increase their popularity and followership on social media

What is important to know is that there are as many failed attempts at this strategy as there are successful ones and success only comes about when one or more of the following tips are given utmost attention

Be Original: Fresh ideas are sure to gain more traction than over-flogged ones. However, seeing that nothing is new anymore, tweaking an existing concept to suit your style isn’t a bad idea.

Build Anticipation: Depending on the nature of the competition, a countdown or a teaser can help to build interest. However, the kick off must match the hype to sustain subsequent followership.

Own The Idea: Be the one to make the announcement, with a demo, for example, but do not let it end there. Engage the participants and fuel their interest until the end of the campaign/competition. You can even have post-event engagement depending on suitability.

Penetrate Social Networks: Make sure the competition is open to as many platforms as possible. Be sure they are ones the target audience can be found on.

Avoid Complications: As much as you can, make your campaigns fun and free from complexities. This way you can be sure of a massive followership from your target audience.

Transparency: In the case of competitions, let the events that lead to the choice of the eventual winners be open to all so as to avoid controversy and further confirm the brand behind the competition as credible.

Don’t Be Too Commercial: During the course of the competition, focus more on the participants and what they stand to gain rather than pushing your brand in their faces. This helps the credibility of the idea and will boost participation.


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