Barcelona Fans Annihilate Chelsea Fans 4-0 In Star SuperFans TV Gameshow

By May 3, 2015Blog, News

Shining Stars FC. If the name sounds a tad arrogant, then perhaps Joshua IheanachoYusuf OlanrewajuMonday Obazee,Nwana Alex and Chigozie Nwachukwu deserve to be arrogant on the evidence of the display they put up on Nigeria’s biggest football game show powered by premium beer Star Lager.

On the receiving end of the thrashing which was about to be dished out was the hapless Amazing Blues FC, made up of five Chelsea fans namely, Chigbogu PaulinusAgbowa UgochukwuOkwudili OkaforAkinmosu Ibrahim and the interestingly named Owhofactor Esere. Show host Mozez Praiz got things underway and very quickly, the pattern of the game was established.

Brimming with confidence, Joshua Iheanacho of Shining Stars went for a 20-pointer and got it correct. Amazing Blues were immediately under pressure and Chigbogu Paulinus attempted to make a safe defensive clearance with a 10-pointer. He got it wrong and immediately, Yusuf Olanrewaju of Shining Stars had a chance to make it 1-0 but he missed his question. Both teams missed their next question and then Okwudili Okafor of Amazing Blues and Nwana Alex of Shining Stars both registered correct answers.

Amazing Blues then missed the next question and Chigozie Nwachukwu had all the time in the world to put the ball into the net with a calmly tapped-in 10-pointer. 1-0 to Shining Stars just before the break and the rout was starting. As if to emphasize how woeful the Amazing Blues performance would get, Owhofactor Esere then missed the final question before the break and the halftime score was 1-0 to Shining Stars FC.

The second period kicked off and Shining Stars turned on the tiki-taka Barcelona style, scoring all their questions correctly, while Amazing Blues put up a performance more suited to the Blues of Cambridge United than of Chelsea FC, missing all of their questions in the second half. The full-time score was 2-0 to Shining Stars, and Mozez Praiz signalled extra time, giving Amazing Blues one final chance to redeem themselves.

Shinning Stars Igniting their Shine

Members of the Shinning Stars team rejoicing after their victory

Joshua Iheanacho of Shining Blues stepped up for the Show Your Passion segment and whips up the crowd with a hilarious football chant, Chelsea fans! Dem dey park bus! Chelsea fans! Dem dey block bridge!”which he then followed up with a fist-pumping imitation of a Spanish football commentator. Then came Owhofactor Esere of Amazing Blues with a motivational speech urging opposing teams not to try Chelsea, otherwise they will collect. The audience looked somewhat unimpressed, and it was no surprise when Mozez Praiz announced the result of the vote and it is 3-0 to Shining Stars.

Amazing Blues

The Amazing Blues team are not happy at all

The humiliation was complete when Akinmosu Ibrahim of Amazing Blues faced off against Chigozie Nwachukwu of Shining Stars in the debate and the audience again voted for Shining Stars. 4-0 the final score, and Shining Stars won a thoroughly entertaining, albeit mismatched game. Shining Stars thus took home the prize of N1 million home and this week’s bragging rights as Superfans of all Superfans, while Amazing Blues went home with the consolation prize of N100,000.

The Star Football Superfans gameshow runs for fourteen weeks and you can be part of it by registering here. It tests the knowledge of football fans regarding the game, its history, characters and everything else that makes it Nigeria’s number one sport.

The STAR Football Super Fans game show is the latest in a string of customer reward platforms by STAR in Nigeria as it continues to reaffirm its industry leadership position as a customer favourite.