REVEALED: The 57-year old Whatsapp Chat That Got Nigeria Her Independence

By October 1, 2017Blog, News

The folks at One Wild Card, a new creative agency led by Kayode Olowu have finally gotten their hands on a Whatsapp conversation that happened exactly this day in 1960.

The Whatsapp chat which occurred between the principal political actors of the time including Queen Elizabeth, Governor-General Robertson, Ahmadu Bello, Nnamdi Azikiwe, and Tafawa Balogun among others parodies the events leading up to Nigeria’s Independence in 1960.

The conversation opened with a condescending message from “Lizzy” which didn’t go down well with the Nigerians.

“Lioness Kuti” and “Enahoro” were particularly agitated and registered their displeasure.

‘Nawa o, early morning insult just like that without warning. Madam Lizzy, is this how you want to start doing on top country wey no be your own?’  Enahoro retorted just as Lioness Kuti asked Lizzy to prove her fairness by adding ‘Nnamdi and someone else as admin of the group’.

She goes on to add ‘Why will only you be admin here?’ for full effect.

Lizzy makes an attempt to justify why she’s sole admin for the whatsapp group but the Nigerians weren’t having any of it.

Then Awo, employing greater tact and diplomacy, tosses a little flattery at Lizzy and it worked like magic. Lizzy immediately adds Awo, Zikky and Tafa as group admin.

The honeymoon didn’t last long however. The Great Herb overstepped his boundaries and that quickly got him removed from the group by Lizzy.

Awo being the sharp guy that he was and seeing what Lizzy had just doe quickly yanked Lizzy and the other Briton off the Whatsapp group, re-added Great Herb and thus the group was completely rid of Britons.

And that was how Nigeria finally got her independence.

If you ask me, it’s a brilliant one from One Wild Card and I can’t wait to see more of what the agency has got to offer.

Read the whatsapp group chat (Inde-Bant) here:


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