PR Is The Truth. Advertising Is Just A Lie…

By February 14, 2015News

Had a great time speaking with the people of X3M Ideas yesterday.

What’s the link between PR and Advertising? How can both professionals collaborate better to build stronger brands and tell greater stories?





What can we learn from the Black civil rights movement? What can we learn from the plenty stories in the Bible?

How can we ensure companies like Facebook, Google, Twittter and co. do not continue to determine the fate of the brands we care about? How do we ensure that we are the ones throwing the party, instead of gate crashing a gig we are not even invited to?



The future of both professions is intertwined, as you will discover in detailed excerpts from my session available next week.

We must integrate and innovate, if we are to avoid a future where the Clients no longer pick our calls….









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