Why We Built The Nigerian Twitter Map – ID Africa

By October 9, 2017Blog, News

One of the greatest challenges to growth of Twitter, as reported by several analysts and commentators, is the difficulty for new users in getting familiar with the app and getting the best out of it during the early days of use. Most times, people don’t know where to go, who to follow and where to find conversations that interest them.

Over the past few years at ID Africa, working with some of Nigeria’s biggest consumer brands as social media and digital content consultants, we’ve always wanted to gain deeper insights into topics (both popular and niche) that people within certain geographical areas love talking about. We always want to identify the key individuals who start the fire of conversations that eventually become trends.

A clear knowledge and understanding of this is the holy grail that marketers, brands, communication strategists and regular folks looking to escape boredom on the internet always seek:

There’s a lot of noise out there. How does one make sense of it all???

Well, here’s a solution, starting with Nigeria where internet penetration is rapidly growing, with about 6 million new internet users added yearly and thus, more people are getting online and using social media for the first time.

With The Nigerian Twitter Map, ID Africa has managed to put together some of the most popular topics that arise everyday on Nigerian Twitter (a.k.a “Twitter NG”) and we have tried to identify some of the most prominent voices and notable influencers regularly found creating original content and adding valuable thoughts to these discussions.

We hope that you would help us improve the map and keep it fresh, by contributing with suggestions of more Voices and Topics that we might have omitted or missed out. As the platform grows in Africa, and users get more sophisticated, we believe that together, we can make Twitter (and the broader internet) more interesting and useful for both old, new and the next billion users.

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