MTN’s MusicTime! Takes Nigerian Celebrities on a Musical Journey!

By December 18, 2019News

During the week’s hustle, it’s always a countdown to the most celebrated ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ mood. Friday, 13th December, was unlike any other! It was the TurnUp of all TurnUps at the MTN Rooftop Lounge in Lagos when the brand’s MusicTime! hosted an exclusive party for artistes and stakeholders in the Nigerian Music Industry.

If you are wondering why this party is unlike any other, the gathering of well-known and fast-rising artistes in the industry marked a significant paradigm shift for musicians, music lovers and other practitioners. It was an all-encompassing experience of the recently launched MusicTime!, a data-bundled digital music streaming service that allows users to enjoy local and international music the way they want it, how they want it, and when they want it. 

Highlights of the event were the live streaming of an irresistible playlist from the MusicTime! App and a dance competition. It was indeed hilarious to see some of the guests unleash their dance skills. The competition was fierce since all the participants wanted to be tagged  ‘winner’. A pretty lady, Sabina was eventually declared the champion after a 5-minutes struggle. Guess she was born to dance!

The event also had in attendance, Oye Akideinde, the CEO for MusicTime!, who sat as a panellist during a session with Praise ‘Praiz’ Adejo, Oye Akideinde, Donald ‘Djinee’ Osayamwen, and Funso  Finnih.  They shared their views on the history of Nigerian music, the current reality and future projections. 

It’s impossible to ignore the music-themed decor, it was a world of its own. Several artistes could not keep their hands off the graffiti wall, each making his signature a permanent stamp.

Music streamed directly from the MTN MusicTime! app filled the ambience ranging from Afrobeats, Hip Hop, Fuji and Pop, taking us through decades in music. As expected, DJ Spinall jumped on his turntable and turned the event upside! Trust our Nigerian stars to gbe body when the need arises.

In 2018, MTN acquired Simfy Africa, which developed MusicTime! for users to enjoy the best listening experience on the platform. Enhanced with a music catalogue from local and international artists, MusicTime allows users to stream music instantly with data.

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