Nigeria PR Report is the country’s first-ever annual report on Public Relations, dedicated exclusively to chronicling data on trends, perceptions, challenges and prospects within the industry.



Research was carried out in two stages; quantitative research was pooled from an online survey which adhered specifically to the ESOMAR Guideline for Online Research, while qualitative research was derived from focus group sessions and individual interviews covering four PR stakeholder groups namely Staff, Agency CEOs, Media and Clients.

The online survey was sent out to approximately 200 respondents between October and December 2016 while 40 participants were invited for the focus group sessions. 192 people started the survey but 67 filled and completed the process. 24 people attended the focus group sessions. Majority of respondents were sourced from Lagos state, the focal PR industry location.



Ebony Life – The Wedding Party (2016)
Pepsi –Long Throat (2015)
Star (Beer) –Star Football League (2016)
Airtel –Data Is Life (2016 / 2017)
Mirinda –Three Orange Men (1990s)